What is a blowout?

Most simply, a blowout is the process of getting your hair professionally shampooed, dried, and styled.

It’s not that some people were blessed with better hair than you—no way, sister. They just have a little help. And now you can too.

We often work with round brushes and sometimes with flat irons, curling irons or other styling tools. When wielded by an expert, these tools allow a look that is noticeably better than what you can manage on your own. In theory, it sounds pretty simple, but there are many factors that will effect the outcome—from the quality of products used, to the training of the stylist.

There is an artform to exacting the quality and consistency you’ll come to appreciate (and expect) by stepping foot in The Wow Bar. If you’re a fellow blowout nerd, feel free to chat with our stylists about the science behind what we do.

What is a blow dry bar?

A blow dry bar is a place that focuses on the art of the blowout and offers a menu of different blowout looks, all in a setting that allows for optimal girl time.

Are there any real benefits to getting a blowout?

We think so! After you get your first great blowout, we think you’ll feel like someone just let you in on the best beauty tip in the world. We could go on and on about it…

Not only does it feel amazing and look gorgeous, it’s a whole lot more fun to sit in a chair and chat with your friend or read a book than it is to sweat it out in your bathroom, solo. And if you want to get technical, having someone else shampoo your scalp stimulates circulation and endorphins, too!

The best part? When a blowout is done right (and with a few touch up tricks) you can keep your hairdo for days. Not only does that mean you’re cutting down on exposing your hair to unnecessary heat damage—think about what this means for extra sleep-in hours alone!

There is nothing like the “damn, I look good” buzz, and I-want-to-take-life-by-the-horns-and-be-seen feeling following a great blowout.

Wait… doesn’t the salon I go to offer a blowout?

Yes, they most likely do. Typically salons price their blowouts by hair length and expertise of the stylist. We wanted to make it simple, simple, simple. One price.

In beauty school, “fininshing” hair is one of the many topics covered, but stylists are often left to learn on the job. All of our stylists speak the same “blowout” language and have gone through extra-special training. Something magical happens when you do one thing all day: You get really, really good at it. Our stylists speak of getting in a “rhythm” or “zone” that is hard to achieve when you’re going back and forth between services offered in a typical salon.

Should I worry about my hair getting fried?

We want your hair to look gorgeous, and also get healthier over time, and we’re here to help! In addition to our blowdry techniques, we use a heat protectant on everybody’s hair – specially designed to shield your lovely locks from any potential heat damage.

How long will it take?

Our appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes. Our stylists have been trained to get the job done in a way that maximizes results, in the most efficient time frame possible. That said, if you have extremely long, thick hair, or want a special look that is not in our look book (or all of the above), just give us a heads up when you’re booking that you think you might need some extra time. We will advise you if it falls outside of our basic $45 blowout service.

Speaking of hard hair… I am VERY nervous about you doing mine. No one can do it right. I have THE hardest hair in the world.

Well, friend, you’ve come to the right place. ALL our stylists have trained on every different hair type and texture. Simply stepping foot in The Wow Bar means you can expect a certain level of knowledge and expertise.

That said, we understand that you know your hair inside and out, and we love hearing what works best. We like to know what we can do to WOW you. Whether you have extensions, extremely coarse hair, or finicky fine hair, we’re here to help you out. In fact, we EMBRACE a good challenge. Please give us a try. We will do our best to delight and surprise you. Promise.