Ricky was not only a salon industry legend—he was a lifelong family friend and trusted advisor who was instrumental in helping plan, build and grow The Wow Bar.

Ricky was the rare combination of creative visionary and fearless do-er. His extraordinary mind, wicked good humor and epic career lessons made us feel invincible. The indelible touches—from his uniform of sports jacket, scarf and jeans to his wild curls to skull-studded cashmere socks—made him an original.

He left many rooms in our lifetime together, but somehow his presence always remained—be it the lingering waft of some beauty product he had on or the re-telling of a story in that smooth whiskey-and-honey voice. His passing is no different. He can never go away. He is an urban legend, a lesson in class and swag, heart and soul. We will carry forward what he helped start, with his wonderful soul in mind.

Ricky, we promise to keep family first, business rocking, and to never “major in minor things.” Thank you for coming along on this journey with us. We love you.

“See ya later, Baby.”