$5 more? Why?

It’s simply time to update. We opened 4 years ago and are refreshing with a new Menu and Lookbook to continue providing fashion-forward gorgeous well into the future. While we strive to provide the absolute best blowout experience in town—or anywhere—we’re among the last in our market to make this price adjustment.

What about my Wow Club annual membership?

Continue to enjoy $29 blowout pricing through the end of your membership period. New memberships will be available in September to reflect our menu updates.

What about my Wow Trio / Wow Eight package?

No problem. Use up your existing packages as-is. New packages will be available again in September to reflect our menu updates.

I booked many, many months ahead – what about my pre-booked appointments?

Quotes for Wow Socials, group bookings and special events will be honored. Individual hair & makeup services will reflect new menu pricing as of September 1. We hope you understand and are happy to talk if you’d like.