A WOW Wedding provides you with fabulous perks to make your special day even more special! Just like a hotel offers reduced-rate packages for your wedding guests, we offer your guests a 15% discount for services provided on your wedding weekend—and you get a $5 WOW credit for every referral!

Weddings are incredibly special days for many reasons–not only is it about celebrating love, its also an opportunity to bring together a constellation of people who have meant the most to you throughout your life. Long before the days of texting, tweeting, and facebooking our friends, our Grandma’s were going to get their wash and sets at the Beauty Shop, not only to get their hair style, but also to commiserate with friends and neighbors. Unlike traditional salons where the stations are often spread apart from one another, the layout of the The Wow Bar lends perfectly to “group primping” and an ability to bond over getting ready together. Brides devote countless hours to every detail to make their day beautiful, and being able to get your hair done with friends in a gorgeous, chic, girlie, hip and fun setting sets the perfect tone for the big day. Because we’re not cutting or coloring, our stylists spend every day honing one particular craft. They know how to deliver Wow hair for big days.

We absolutely love treating our guests to 5 star service and work with brides and their parties to tailor their day to fit their needs and wishes. Whether a party simply wants to come in as a small group, or book out the Wow Bar for a private affair, we’re committed to ensuring that everyone has a great time, and looks amazing when they walk out our door. Our mini bar and luxurious reception area lends perfectly for group entertaining. Everything can be customized from the content on our flat screen tv, to the music. Lastly, 50th and France is an award winning shopping district known for its Bridal services, which means that we have a great network of resources and partners at our disposal to help attend to every detail a bride may need in the events leading up to and on their big day.

Like most things in life, it is the people behind the Wow Bar that make it special. Guests often comment that it feels so “happy and fun” in the Wow Bar. That’s likely because we genuinely enjoy what we do and have assembled an amazing group of talented, fun and wonderful people who love to make woman feel gorgeous and completely pampered. The executive team behind the Wow Bar includes a special mix of hair chops, and customer service/business savvy–a group of people who dream big and pay attention to every little detail. Before a stylist is invited to train with Deavalon, they first must demonstrate they’ve got that special “it” factor: personality, passion, skill. If it’s a good fit, they participate in a vigorous training program with Deavalon where he teaches the techniques that have made his blow out famous, and how to achieve incredible results on every hair type and texture. Countless hair models, product trainings and drills later, they join the team. From our natural boar hair bristle brushes to our ergonomically correct, patented-ceiling engaged hair dryers, best in class and quality were drivers at every level of decision. We also are thrilled to have been chosen as partners to the premiere haircare line Kerastase, which delivers outstanding results as does our “best of” collection of curated ‘save your do items and eco-chic products from around the country.